Roadmap to Reopening



It is so exciting to see the first steps toward reopening our state in the wake of the pandemic. The Deacons met this week to make some firm plans about our response to the easing of stay-at-home orders by the NSW Government. It was decided that small groups can meet again, if group leaders desire, at 80% NSW vaccination. They will, however, need to adhere to all NSW Health requirements, which of course includes double dose vaccination. They will also need to have submitted Covid Safe plans. Leaders are encouraged to contact the church office to discuss these requirements.

With regard to church services, the decision is to go back when all restrictions have been lifted. According to the current roadmap this will mean the first face-to-face service in the Church building will be Sunday 5th of December. This will mean we can sing and that masks will not be required. We are planning a special celebration – what a great way to enter the Christmas season!