Plan A is a framework produced by Crossover Australia to examine and apply the disciple making practices of Jesus. It consists of five principles that can be used by everyday Christians to engage in grassroots evangelism. Plan A is not so much a “how-to”, but rather a “how-to-become”. Each principle is easy to understand and relevant at any stage of life.

Life Group Resources

You can download the Life Group guides for each of the six sessions of Plan A below. After each guide is a direct link to the relevant video for that session:

Session 1- Introduction

Session 1 Guide II Video 1

Session 2 – Growing

Session 2 Guide II Video 2

Session 3 – Knowing

Session 3 – Guide II Video 3

Session 4 – Sowing

Session 4 Guide II Video 4

Session 5 – Rowing

Session 5 Guide II Video 5

Session 6 – Showing Up

Session 6 Guide II Video 6

Individual Resources

28 Day Devotional Booklet II Individual Bible Study Booklet

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